Proton 50th Merdeka Sale

Monday, March 05, 2007

Proton has launched its latest Sales Campaign to sell the Proton Saga Iswara at RM26,999.00.
A big discount considering that the current price for Proton Saga Iswara is RM31,072.95 for Iswara 1.3 A/B (M) NPS. Proton has been loosing money and they need to come up with new strategy to be profitable.

Proton need to come up with new model and better design/quality to capture back its market share and the Top Selling National Car position.

Paul Tan's Blog reported that this is possible the next model (Proton Gen2 Sedan)to be launched by Proton.With Perodua MYVi selling like hot cakes, it will be an uphill task for Proton. They will need to tie up with a foreign partner(VW, Puegeot or GM) as soon as possible.
How about the next Proton Sales campaign to sell new models after tie up with VW @ under RM17,000? Possible??. We must be dreaming for this exciting design and quality of the world renown Volkwagen.

Proton 100th Merdeka Sale.

The above VW advertisement is for US Market. Even at USD17,000 (RM64,000), it is still very competitive if you convert to RM. Why is car so bluddy expensive in Malaysia even with the recent tax reduction.? Go ask Tengku Tan Sri Mahaleel at the Blogger Meet.?

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