MP4 Warranty Replacement from PC Planet

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My nephew bought an AX 1Gb MP 4 Digital Video Player from PC Planet Tesco Puchong Jaya last year on 22nd October, 2006 but the the charging was faulty and the glass panel broke. So it was send back for repair on 24th October, 2006. After numerous calls and follow up over 3 months, we were told that the unit cannot be repaired and they also do not have similar model to replace. We asked for full refund of RM199.00 but they insist that no cash refund, only can offer a different model 1GB as warranty replacement. No other choice but to accept the offer.

Below is the Skyblue 1 GB MP4 Digital Video Player which they offer as replacement.

PC Planet and their supplier after sales service really sucks. Hope that this replacement will not give any problem.

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