Kek Lok Si Temple

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Penang's tourist attraction and reputedly the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia, situated close to the bustling Air Hitam market. The temple's enclave including a pagoda and a huge statue of the Goddess Kuan Yin is prominent. Besides the monastery, a seven-storey pagoda of 10,000 Buddha images displays the essence of an eclectic mix of Chinese, Thai and Burmese architecture. The main hall has colourful souvenir shops. A shrine filled with statues and a courtyard where a large pond full of carp and the tortoises are main attractions. Here a pathway that leads to a stairway will take you to the Pagoda.

Beleive me, I have not been to this temple despite my many previous trips to Penang until last Saturday. My family decided to pay a visit to this temple before we leave Penang for KL.

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