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Thursday, March 22, 2007

I used to be crazy about mobile phones and IT gadgets & stuffs. I would buy the latest product when it is launched. Well, that is the past and now I am buying 2nd hand stuffs instead.

I used to owned 3 phones at one time(Panasonic GD88, O2 Xphone and Sony Ericsson's K700i).
But one unfortunate day (I cant remember the exact date), my house was burgled and the burglars stole two of them(Panasonic GD88 and O2 Xphone) and my Compaq notebook. Even my very old notebook which is obsolete was also not spared.

After this incident, I decided to stick to only 1 phone which is the Sony Ericsson's K7001 which was at my bedside upstairs when the burglars broke into my house.

Since I still have the original box and accessories (Charger, Manual and batteries) for the Panasonic GD88, I have been looking for a cheap 2nd hand unit. Why waste the original accessories? The original battery cost me RM180.00 those days. Most of the times, the 2nd hand unit for sale are in bad condition until I found one today at the new IT centre at Section 14. The listed price was RM350.00 with charger and the shopkeeper reduced it to RM280.00 after some negotiation. Finally, we agreed to the price of RM265.00 without charger.

This is the 2nd hand handphone that I bought for RM265.00.

All the other items & accessories belong to my old phone. I had 4 pcs of batteries now (3 Originals and 1 fake). This phone got colour and camera too.

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