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Friday, March 30, 2007

In December 2003, I was interviewed by a Star Reporter, En Sharil Dewa for the Anchor Personality for the Star Maritime Section which is published on every Monday.

I worked with an international logistics company and this Star reporter approached me for this interview.(Becoz I oledi quite fehmes) After thinking over it, I say why not since it is free advertisement and make me a little more fehmas. The Anchor Personality Column write about people's career in the logistics world.

I have spent more than 20 years in logistics but now I am running a small transportation business. Semi-retirement. Semi-blogging!!!

The interview was conducted at my office. He came along with a camera man who took the picture for this publication. It took about about an hour.

The article was published in the Star on 23 December, 2003.

After the publications, it does make me a little fehmes, I got calls from many friends and some long lost friends whether that is really me.

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