Pirate, Fake, Clone or Imitation? All the same.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

It is hard to differentiate sometimes as high quality fakes look exactly like originals. You can purchase fakes items from everywhere in Asia but the respective government are tightening up their control on fakes and shops just cannot openly display this fakes anymore.

In Malaysia, we called fake or pirated goods "Cetak Rompak". At Low Yat Plaza, you no longer find all the shops selling pirated soft wares and DVDs with the recent raids by thy the relevant authorities. But off course, the sellers are smart people and they have their new marketing strategies.

In China too, they do control the display of pirated goods especially with the Big Brand like NIKE , ADIDAS etc.

Are this two pairs of shoes(Latest models of Nike and Adidas) Original or fakes??

I bought them during my trip to Shenzhen end of last year @ Lo Wu shopping centre. Its costs just 25-30% of the price of the originals. Why buy fakes? You can throw it away when it is worn out and get another pairs which is the latest model.

What I would like to share about is how this shops sell this NIKE and ADIDAS brands when they cannot display on the display shelf. They have better ideas, they will showed you all the shoes models in a photo albums. You pick the model and they will bring the shoes from secret compartments to let you see and try.

I requested to see some of the latest models shown on the albums and the next thing, the salesman will be looking and talking to the wall and talking to someone what model and size of the shoes to take out. A first I thought he was talking to someone over the next shop.

What a surprise it was not next door but someone hiding on top of the shop false ceiling with a small opening. The next things, the small opening will open and some boxes of shoes that you asked for will be dropped down. Always remember, you would need to bargain for the price as the shop mark up very high when they know that you are foreigner.

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