Kemaman Classic Kopitiam @ Section 14, PJ

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Its a Kopitiam Craze these days with so many Kopitiam opening here and there. We have Uncle Lim Koiptiam, Kopitime, Kluang Station Kopitiam, Ipoh Old Town Kopitiam and many more. Watch out for Uncle Sam Kopitiam. Coming Soon.

Today, we checked out Kemaman Classic Kopitiam located @ Section 14, PJ. The menu offer many choices. The Ala Carte is only available during lunch time. For breakfast, there serve only some standard dishes, bread toast, half boil egg etc. Terengaanu is famous for their Kemaman Coffee, Nasi Dagang and Keropok Ikan Lekor.

Wah, the menu had so many choices.
We ordered Nasi Dagang Kari Ikan, Kopi & Kopi O.
The Nasi Dagang Kari Ikan is delicious especially the Kari Ikan Sauce which is not so hot. If you are looking to try some east coast dishes, this place has got many too offer.

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