Prawn Fish Head Mee Hoon @ Kedai Kopi Goh Chew, Penang

Sunday, March 25, 2007

I am a food lover but have slow down a lot compared to 10 -15 years ago. What ever place that I travel and visit, I will want to check out and try the favourites and best foods that can be found in that area.During my recent 2days/1 nite trip to Penang, the food paradise of the Orient where there have so many good foods to offer, you will need to speed 1 week to taste all of them.

So I take the opportunity to check whatever foods that I read in food blogs and recommended by Penangites.

After checking out from the hotel, I drove to the city to look for food and landed at this Prawn Fish Head Mee Hoon Stall which is very famous in Penang. It is not so difficult to find this stall, it is located just next to the Sunway Hotel Georgetown.
When I arrived, the place was packed with many people waiting to be serve. I found a table and after sitting down, I asked one of the lady to take my order but I was told to wait. Since I do not speak Hokkien well and not sure what is the ordering procedures, I asked her again after waiting awhile. She spoke to me in Hokkien and I replied in Mandarin.
She asked "Lu si Sinpapore Lang ah". I replied " 不, 我是吉隆坡人" or " Bu, Wor ser KL Lang".
She then took down my order. I ordered the fish head and prawn mee hoon which is their sepeciality. While waiting, we enjoyed our drinks.
I sat very near to the stall and can see them cooking the fish head, prawn and mee hoon with fresh fish and prawns.
The food finally came and it doesn't disappoint, it is delicious. Fresh !!!

The special chilly sauce for you to eat with the fish heads and prawn.It is not cheap, it costs us RM25.00 for the above order for 2 pax.

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