Restoran Weng Kee @ Section 17, PJ

Thursday, October 04, 2007

After attending His Holiness Sakya Trizin talk on " Fostering harmony among Tibetan Mahayana/Vajrayana Buddhist Organisations in Malaysia" at LDC, Section 17, my friends and I went to this roast duck restaurant which also have char siew and "lup cheong".

This restaurant have been around for quite a long time and have its regular. Personally I do like the roast duck here as compared to Sunrise or Loong Foong. It occupy a corner shop which is easy to find.

We placed order for 3 persons and here come the dishes. The roast duck comes with special sauce.

And the char siew and "lup cheong" in another plate.Plain Vegetable is complimentary.Herbal tea is available there.

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