Kok Grilled Fish @ Broga, Negeri Sembilan

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Cari Makan trip continued on Day 3 of Hari Raya. Since today I am going to Semenyih to visit my sister, I am bringing them to eat fish just beside a lake. My sister's family moved down to Semenyih from Kuantan end of last year. She has told me about this place famous for its Grilled Fish after getting to know her neighbour.

This place provide a very unique dining experience. You can enjoy the meal and at the same time watch fishes swimming freely in the water and with real kampung environment.

To get to this place, you have to know the location of a very famous Chinese Temple in Broga, Negeri Sembilan. This temple is with the name "Shi na tok". After you reach the front entrance of the temple, take a turn to your left and go straight and you can see the restaurant on your left.

This is the view taken from the restaurant from the main entrance. It sure look unique and just by the small lake.

You can see lots of fish swimming in the lake. Imagine how fresh the fish that you are going to eat. Direct from the Lake.

There are many types of grilled fish as shown on the whiteboard. You can asked for Assam, Black Pepper, Salted, Curry, Steam etc etc. There are also Chicken, Duck and Deer meat.

It was holidays and the restaurant was full and many waiting for a table, I called them up to asked what time they open but forgot to make a table booking. We waited for about 20mins to get a table and another 10 mins to place our order. While waiting I did some cam whoring.

My sister even offer to help to clean up the table so that we can get the food faster.!!!!
You can have some herbal tea, soft drinks while waiting.Watch fish feeding time.Beuatiful country side viewAfter another 30mins, the food finally came. It look like this for all the dishes even the vegetable , all grilled to perfection using the charcoal fire.
We were so hungry that we all rush for the 1st fish that came.
This grilled fish cooked in different style. We ordered seven different types , duck and vegetables. + rice/drinks. Total RM148.00 for 11 persons.

My nephew and nieces all happy after a good and delicious meal @ this famous grilled fish. The foods are not really outstanding or overrated but the environment and freshness of the fishes are something you should check it out. Call them to make a booking first if you are interested to explore this interesting restaurant.

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