Red Tea Junction( 红茶馆) Kung Fu Smooth Pan Mee @ Taman Sri Sentosa, KL

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Can you recognized this couple!!! Sure you can.They are the hosts for TV8 Hochiak, Rickman & ??? Some weeks ago, I watched their Hochiak Show and I took pictures of them and this Pan Mee shop off the TV as I wanted to try it as it look so delicious.

So this afternoon on the 2nd day of Hari Raya Holidays, I intentionally make a trip to to Sri Sentosa to find this shop. I was unable to find the shop during my 1st try and I stopped by to ask a Chinese man. He told me that if you are not familiar, it is hard to find and he gave me his direction to the shop as follows:

1) Look for the Petronas Station.
2) Opposite the road, there is a Magnum 4D shop
3) Park you car somewhere near the 4D shop and walk to the back of the 4D shop.

Following his instruction, I try a second time and sure enough it is easy only when you know the place. We found it and reached there around 1.50pm. The rain start to pour and they start keeping those tables and chairs placed outside. We managed to get a table as is was not so crowded at that time. It is just a small shop. But while we are eating, many customer came.

There is no signboard outside, you will have to look for this big Chinese sign.

Newspaper reviews cuttings was placed on the walls and many other spots.
We ordered three small bowls of Pan Mee (Two Soup based and one Dry) . For drinks, they served Lo Hon Ko and Grass Jelly only. While waiting for the foods, they bring you their special chilly sauce and lime.
Service was fast and we got of food in less than five minutes. It costs Rm4.50 for small and RM5.50 for big bowl. You paid when food are served.

Below the dry one and it taste really delicious with right amount of sauce. The Pan Mee soft and smooth with generous amount of Ikan Bilis and minced pork.
And the soup based one is equally delicious. Too good that we ordered an additional small bowl.
Thumb ups, this got to be one of the best Pan Mee around, I will definitely go back for more.
Look, the four bowls which we eat till clean.A view of the shop from where I was sited. You can notice that it is not a big shop. I believe on normal day, the place is jam pack and you got to wait much longer.

Other dishes available are Fish balls, otak-otak, Pandan chicken, Hakka mee etc

Latest Update (Nov 17, 2007)
I have been there a couple of times after my 1st visit and this am again I went there, This place now has got a menu and name card. Below are copy of the name card which showed the map to this place. Hope this will be helpfui if you intend to go there.
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