Kopi Club @ Low Yat Plaza

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I believe everyone know where is Low Yat Plaza where all computer people / geeks / nerds like to go and check out what is the latest gadgets in the market. The place is a bit less busy with the closure of all the illegal DVD and computer software shops. Eventhough there are other new IT Malls but Low Yat still remained the place where you have the most choices and get the stuffs you want at the most competitive price.

This afternoon, I went there to have lunch with my friend, Richard Ho from ANA Airways. We went to eat at our favourite place, The Kopi Club located at the lower ground floor.
We ordered their speciality which is the Nasi Indo Siam for me and my friend ordered Nasi Lemak as he had Nasi Indo Siam yesterday. The menu consists of many nice yummy foods.This is the Nasi Indo Siam which I ordered each time I had lunch there. I understand that they have limited quantity for this dish which is not pre-cooked. It is cooked fresh after you place the order and it take some 10mins for it to be ready. The price is RM8.50.

The Nasi Lemak look pretty appetising and yummy too. This costs RM7.90. Their Black Coffee is very nice too.

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