Restoran Tauge Ayam Lou Wong @ SunwayMas, PJ

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The famous Lou Wong Ngah Choi Kai (bean sprouts chicken) has opened a branch at SunwayMas Commercial centre in PJ. you can now taste the original Lou Wong without having to drive to Ipoh.
At the shop in Ipoh, it is always very crowded and you would want to stop by for their famous bean sprouts chicken when you are heading North. Look at the advertisement about them.
Six of us went to this restaurant yesterday for lunch. The ground floor big table was fully occupied so we went to the 1st floor. The male waiters are all from China and not too familiar with taking orders. If you know Mandarin, it will be an advantage. They got our order wrongly for one item and did not serve us the chicken feet which we have to order again.

The whole chicken costs RM36.00.
Bean Sprouts @ RM6.00Fish Ball @ RM0.50/ballMeat Ball @ RM0.50/ballPlain Ipoh Hor Fun @ RM1.30
What we ordered minus the Mushroom chicken feet.
The food here are reasonably good but I think eating @ Ipoh Original Lou Wong Shop give you a different atmosphere. The taugeh at the Ipoh shop seems to be bigger and juicier.

There are two other Ipoh Taugeh Chicken shops also from Ipoh @ SS2 which have the Kedundong(Ang Mo Sar Li) Fruits Drink which is my favourite. This shop dont have that drink. :)

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