My Car Battery is Dead

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This morning, I tried start my car and it just would not start. I suspect that the car battery is already dead as the symptom is already there the last few days when I start the car and furthermore I has not driven my car for 3days as I was using the CRV. So I contacted my mechanics to bring a new maintenance free battery late in the evening to replace the old one.

He came to my house around after he closed his shop at around 5.30pm and got it fix in around 20minutes. The battery costs RM350.00 and workmanship RM25.00. Really good service my mechanics. Isn't it???

Nowadays, batteries are made to last between 1-2 years no matter what brand or type. So roughly you know when is going to die.

Why it dies or weakens:

There are a number of reasons why batteries can weaken and fail. A few common ones include:

  • Leaving headlights, interior lights, flashers, and the radio on when the car isn't running.
  • Using the air conditioner when the car is not running.
  • Not starting a car for long periods of time (e.g., while it's in storage).
  • Lack of battery maintenance (e.g., not keeping terminals clean).
  • Failure of the diode bridge or voltage regulator in the alternator; the alternator charges the battery when the car is running.
  • Low air temperature, which causes batteries to freeze.
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