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Saturday, October 20, 2007

I have been busy the last few days and therefore no update on my blogs. I got many tags not done, many post no uploaded, many pictures not uploaded and so on. I will also start golfing again after 1.5 months layoff due shingles.

During the last few days, the internet connection (Streamyx and Maxis) are damn bloody slow too. Pure frustration when it load like snail pace.

Time management is so important part of life. I must get all my stuffs re organise and clear them up according to priority.

What would happen if you could become the master and not the slave to time? Would you have:

* More free time?
* More balanced life?
* More results?
* More fun?

* More success?

Maybe you are thinking:

* That is not just possible?
* You don’t know my schedule?
* Time management training does not work because I have been there, done that?

First to answer those three questions:

* Yes it is possible because it is about you and not about time!
* I do not need to know your schedule, because you probably focus more of your time on what you cannot control than what you can control.
* Yes, most time management training does not work, be
cause time management is not about time nor about management, but about goals and integrity.

For the time being I got this to share with all my dear friends and readers.

Friends, Click on the clock below
1. But turn on your sound system first.
2. Then click on the clock below.
3. Then scroll down the page.

As Time Goes By

Click On The Clock

THIS IS REALITY........................................

True Joy is giving without remembering.

Love is compassion with no distinction

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