My PC Virtual Memory Low

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Last week, there was a message keep popping up from the task bar "Virtual Memory Low".
During that few days, the streamyx connection was also very slow. Maybe because of heavy thunderstorm that may have some effect on the underground cable.

In order to take care of the Virtual Memory Low problem, the best thing to do is to increase the RAM. My PC only had 512MB. So I went to Sunway Pyramid to get one 1gb DDR2/667 KingMax Brand which costs RM145.00. I installed it to the PC but it still showed 512MB despite trying out on the other RAM slots. In the end I gave up and called the IT Shop who advised me to bring the PC to his shop to check.

On the same evening, I brought it back to the IT shop, he checked and found out that my old RAM is not compatible with the new RAM due to different clock speed. The old one is 533Mhz but the new one is 667Mhz. And the solution is that I have took out the old one and install the new one only.

Since my son played some online game, I upgrade the graphic card to EN8500GT 256MB which costs RM285.00.

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