Can money buy happiness?

Monday, October 22, 2007

You and me will agree that the more money you have, the happier you must be. The more the better, more money brings you greater satisfaction. You may have 2 role, as a buyer or a seller, seller put something up for sale will always want to make more money as they can, and when people buy something they try to pay as little for it as they can. From the transaction, seller would be much happier if they can receive more money while seller would be much happier if they can pay lesser and holding on to more money.

If money can buy happiness, why there're so many depressed celebrity, suicidal CEOs and many other unhappy rich people. Choice can make you happy, because you are sastify with your choice, For example, If you have RM20 in your pocket, you can decide to eat steak or "roti canai" for dinner, but if you have only RM1 you'd just hope you still have some biscuit tine at home. Money can only sastify your needs and wants.

If money cannot buy happiness, what can? love, health and friends can, personal well-being, your basic needs are met, social relationship, enjoyment at work, respected, trust and public safety.

Many people believe that money can't buy happiness while others believe that money CAN buy happiness. So, Who is right?

money cant buy happiness graphSurvey reveal the truth, as you can see from the survey on your right (source: pewcenter) that people who earned over $100k per year are more likely to be happy than those earning under $30k per year. The survey shows money CAN buy happiness. This also shows that people who believe money cannot buy happiness were either rich or dumb. Yes, did I say dumb again?

Those who thought money can buy happiness will have this in mind: if you have a lot of money then you can buy or build your dream house, buy your dream car, afford yourself or children to overseas university, you can fired your boss, you can take care all finance expenses of your family and you don't have to worry about money for high cost medical fee when you are sick. More over you can get your dream girl, and you can be very popular with lot and lot of friends who love you.

What other say if you are "crazy and rich" or "crazy and poor", "If you are poor and crazy, people will say you are a danger to society or society rubbish. If you are rich and crazy, people will say you are simply over genius and gone crazy."

Think again, if money can't buy happiness, the same fact goes to happiness can't buy money.

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