Man seek divine help during Nine Emperor Gods Festival

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Star Paper today reported that Leng, 34, who has had a Chinese name all his life, looks Indian is seeking divine help to get Identity Card. During the last day of the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, he walked across the hot coals several times, carrying his six-year-old daughter on his shoulders. He got a birth certificate but unable to get an IC. Without an IC, he must have to go through many hassles when dealing with matters that required IC as an Identification. May his prayer be answered.

When looking at this picture taken from The Star, I recalled that I have walked on hot coals (walking on fire) before when I was a teenager.

Not only that I tried walking on hot coals, I also tried putting my hand inside a hot pot of boiling oil at a temple.

What an experience? Would you dare to try it?

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