Twilight Tracer Golf Ball

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The next time you go night golfing, get ahold of these nifty tracer balls. So maybe your partner might giggle over red-lit UFOs whizzing over the green. But we're guessing you'll have the last laugh when he's the one handicapped, and we're not talking golf handicap proficiency here. Unfortunately, all good things come at a price. These thingamabobs cost US$32 a pack of three, and--get this--the batteries aren't replaceable. You get up to 80 hours of gameplay on this. After which, like Cinderella's midnight spell, that pretty glowing thing is going to morph back into a plain, old non-luminous golf ball.

Price: US$32 for pack of three

Device: Golf ball
Specs: Official size and weight, non-replaceable 5V Lithium battery, flashes upon impact for 5 minutes (approx. seven flashes per second), 80 compression multi-layer ball, Surlyn cover

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