Genting Highland Trip

Friday, December 22, 2006

Rep Air has invited me and family to join their company outing to Genting Highland from Dec 22-24, 2006. Thank you very much. I will be posting some items after the trip.

Below my posting after the trip. And more posting on this trip at Chris's Blog.

JetStar Team in Action at the Genting Bowl. All Got style.
Elyane, bowling for a strike.......

This pic a bit dark. I think is Chris? The Grade A Bowler.Another Grade A bowler, YF Yap
And myself just Grade C, gaya mesti ada, tak ada strike tak apa.
And Kenny, I am the Champion?????????The Genting Bowl lane conditions are very bad. A lot grimes stuck to the balls. All no mood and stop bowling!!!!
(I have to spend sometime polishing it myself after I get back home)
My staunch supporters and cameraman , My family.

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