Hot News - Jetstar won 17-3 against Henjut Joran

Monday, December 04, 2006

Today, Jetstar scored another win in the 12th 100Plus league against Henjut Joran.
With this win, Jetstar would be climbing up the the league table from the current 15th Position. Congratulations to the team consisting of Jason, Kenny, Elayne and Chris.

Last week match against MBPJ, Jason Soo top the High Game Handicap with score of 270 and
joint 3rd place in the High Series Hdcp scoring 656.

Last week score Card:

Game 1-------746-----------753
Game 2-------773-----------681
Game 3-------764-----------750

Due to holidays season, they will be no matches for the 100+ League the next three weeks. The next match will resume in Jan 2007

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