Malaysia is becoming very unsafe.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Last two days, I have heard two cases of crimes that happened to my friends.

1) House Break in
My friend house was broken into and the theft go away with some items. I dont have a clear picture what are his losses and the estimated amount as I got to know about it through another friend.

2) Robbery at USJ 2.
This information related to me by my friend while we are having a chat at Uncle Lim Cafe. He told me that last week my ex-colleague was about to leave for airport for some work at around midnight. While walking to his car which was parked outside, a car stopped beside him and a young Indian guy come out of the car with a knife and demanded from him his wallet and hand phone. He thought off fighting him off but another three Indian guys came out of the car. And there searched him and took his wallet and hand phone.

While they escaped, he appeal them to return his IC and Driving Licence, he was lucky that they considered his appeal and throw him the wallet after taking all the cash.

These days, crimes are so rampant and we don't feel safe anymore. Why the crimes rates are getting higher and higher.?

I believe that the influx of foreign labourers is one of the contributing factor. So we must be very careful especially at night when you are alone. Imagine this are cases that happened to my friend. What about many other cases?

Take all necessary precautions to avoid being a victim.

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