Goodbye Kathmandu. See u again.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Time really fly. It is Saturday Dec 15, 2007 @ 7.30pm here. We will be going home tomorrow at 2.05pm Thai Airways flight with transit at Bangkok.

Unable to blog since Dec 12, 2007 due most of the time out visiting holy sites or at Koppan Monastery and by the time we get back to guest house, the internet cafe is already closed.

Yesterday, we visited Parphing where we visited a few holy sites and Haatiban Resort where we can have the best view of the Himalayans while having lunch there.
Haatiban Resort situated some 400m above the historic valley of Kathmandu with pine and fir trees amidst nature located just a 15 kms drive away from Kathmandu city. Haatiban Resort is the only one of its kind. It commands the most awesome view of the gloriously majestic Himalayas and the fabled city of Kathmandu.
This is the spectacular view of the Himalayan and Kathmandu city from the resort. From dawn to dusk, the horizon is simply breattaking, adorned with some of the world's highest peaks stretching for miles from east to west with Ganesh Himal to Sagarmatha (Mt Everest). When evening sets in, the glittering city lights below, will make you understand why Kathmandu is also known as "the city of lustre"
But on the way back to guest house, we got stucked in a very bad traffic jam and it took us more than 3 hours to get back when it normally take about an hour.

We got to cancel our visit to NamoBuddha today as the the trip will take 6 hours to and fro. We decided to spend the whole morning from 10am till 5.30pm at Boudanath Stupa area for shopping.

Have taken lots of picture and will blog more about my trip when I get back to KL.

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