I am Home

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I am finally back to my home sweet home. I reached home at around 12.30am. Astro was showing the live game between Arsenal Vs Chelsea. The game was very exciting and I watched till the end while unpacking some of my stuffs. By the time I took bath, read some blogs checked my email, it was 4.15am. I slept at 4.30 and worked up at 11am.

After lunch, I head to the office and I even forgot that my brother was in town since Sunday until I called him after seeing many miss calls from him.

I went to curve to meet up with his family and also my sister's family. We had dinner at I-Dragon.
Got back home at around 9pm. I am uploading the pictures to Photobucket and therefore not able to post much pictures yet.

Hopefully by tomorrow, I will post some nice pictures for all to see. :)

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