Woods Resort @ Ulu Yam - Batu Caves Route

Saturday, February 24, 2007

After lunch @ Ulu Yam, we continued our journey back heading towards Batu Caves direction using the truck roads. There are quite a number of small resorts and campsites along the way, we stop by one of them, Woods Resort to see what this small resorts have got to offer.We asked the reception what type of resort is this? He said that this is place for people to take bath along the river, camping, paintball etc etc. and told us we can go in and walk around to see for ourselves. We then walked in and see the activities around the resort. What we discovered is a small little, basic, natural and simple recreational spot but I do not see any Chinese around. Maybe they find this kind of resort no more suitable and only go for 4-5 stars resorts with all the amenities provided.

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