Kim Hyung Joong - FAIRYTALE (Dong Hwa) 동화 童話

Sunday, February 11, 2007

When do you hear Korean remakes of ORIGINAL CHINESE songs.. nearly never - its ALWAYS the other way around. And most of the time the cover is no where as good as the original but this is a cover of the chinese song written by Michael Wong or Guang Liang 光良(great artist). I really like this track (from both artistes). At first I have to admit I think it was missing something in the Korean version ... but after listening to it more it gets better.
Guang Liang is a Malaysian singer that has successfully made his name in the Taiwan music scene. Wang specializes in composing and singing romantic and soothing love songs using his skills on the piano.FAIRYTALE (Dong Hwa) 동화 童話- A touchingly beautiful song, arguably Guang Liang's best song, sweeping the Mandarin pop awards in 2005.

This is the Original Version with English Subtitles by Guang Liang.

You want to listen the Korean version. Got to wait a bit as I am still learning how to put a Web Music MP3 Player to play the song on the blog. Be patience! I have the 동화 MP3 but do not know how to upload it. As a new blogger have got much to learn!

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