Stopover @ Yong Peng

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Day 2 of CNY, while going to JB to visit my in laws, we followed our sister in law family to stopover @ Yong Peng to visit Pastor Rev. Saw. He specially ordered this famous local noddles for us to try. The noddles is quite similar to Hokkien noodles but the noddles here is home made and do not contain any preservatives.

Hok Chew/Fuzhou Fried Noodles

And this shop Kedai Makan Or Hwu at the town center where you can find the Fuzhou Fried noodles. It is located near the garden where endangered Lesser Adjutant Stork (Parit Jawa) from China make it their home. There are hundreds of the stork at the garden. The town council here has build a fencing to protect the stork as it is an endangered species.

Yong Peng has many HokChew/Fuzhou Chinese restaurants. Yong Peng is famous for its HokChew fried noodles, Red Rice Wine Chicken and Claypot Fish Head. The other famous Foochow restaurant, Hock Swee Hin also serves specialties like Fuzhou fried noodles, Fuzhou fishball and red wine
Hok Chew Fish Balls (Saitou Fishball made from saitou fish (Ikan Parang in malay)) is another famous dish found here. Below is one restaurant opposite Oh Hwu.
Rev, Saw took us to the garden to see the hundred s of endangered Lesser Adjutant Stork (Parit Jawa). Below are some pictures of the storks.

On th way out of Yong Peng town, we noticed this shop, Kacang Permata Kristal with the banner "Jangan Malu Untuk Kembali Lagi". Not sure what food stuffs they are promoting as not enough time to check this out. My guess is they sell peanut cookies , Kong Piah, Lou Poh Piang, Tim and ham piang which is also very famous here.

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