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Sunday, February 04, 2007

My friend took me to Niali Place @ USJ to tried the Special Fried Rice and Ubi Rebus. The food taste good and the ambience is very relaxing but I did not have my camera so nothing to post with my original pictures. The prices may be a little high but the food quality is good.

I found this article which appeared in FACES on August 2005. By now Niali has expanded and has many more branches.

Fancy having dinner at a beach resort? You don’t have to go far, the beach’s right here in Kuala Lumpur. SYED HUSNI surfs the menu at Naili’s.

One step into Naili’s and you’ll be immediately transported to a beach resort, as the bustling sound of traffic outside the venue is melted by soothing music. Even at the main entrance, you will find two jet skis greeting you.

As you make your way in, you’ll notice fishing boats, surfboards and palm trees that make up the surrounding, creating the laid back ambience of a seaside chalet at night. It is hard to believe that this place is located in Sentul.

Owned by two friends, Mr. Norizan and Mr. Jamal, Naili’s was originally a roadside stall

selling Nasi Lemak and Ubi Rebus. That was seven years ago. Now it is a full-fledged restaurant, with a seating capacity of 450-500 pax, offering a wide variety of Malay, Chinese and Western dishes. One of the owners, Mr. Jamal, is a self-confessed beach bum and loves the beach scenery so much that he incorporated it in Naili’s furnishing and landscape. As for the food, Naili’s employ experienced cooks and chefs who really know their stuff.

There are a number of things that sets Naili’s apart from other eating places. First, there are many types of seating styles. Customers have the liberty on whether to choose the ala-Japanese seating style on a bamboo floor, or to dine up on one of the two tree houses at the venue.

Diners can also opt for a table overseeing a large, almost life-size ‘sunset on the sea’ backdrop or have an intimate candlelight dinner beside a colourfully lit water fountain surrounded by lush greeneries. Another thing that’s unique here is that the kitchen is situated right after the entrance, open to all curious eyes (and noses).

Apart from the kitchen, there is a fishing boat in front of the cashier from which you can choose fresh fish to be grilled. A few beverage huts are scattered inside the place, where a myriad of ice-blended, cold and hot drinks as well as non-alcoholic cocktails are made.

If you love chicken rendang, then Naili’s simply offers the best in town. Think juicy chicken coated in thick brown gravy with a perfect level of spiciness, to go with Nasi Lemak or white rice.

The divine taste of the rendang is achieved by using a special recipe which includes fresh chillies instead of the more commonly used cili boh, the same one they have used for more than seven years and have propelled Naili’s to become a neighbourhood favourite even when it was still a stall.

Another signature dish here is Ubi Rebus, which is served warm with grazed coconut and sambal, which is also a dish from its Nasi Lemak stall heydays.

The cooks here can also whip up a wicked Cantonese fried ginger Kuay Teow with chicken or beef. Cooked with white sauce, egg and ginger, it is set to fulfil your noodle-slurping craving. Then, there is Naili’s Special fried rice, which is served with a browned-to-perfection chicken wing, a sunny side up, veggies and a generous portion of fish crackers. The taste? Let’s just say that after savouring it, you’ll definitely decide to come back again.

For those experiencing midnight heat, cool your brows with some of the ice-blended drinks available here. Try Rainbow Tree, an icy mixture of kiwi, strawberry and mango, which is sweet, tangy and has a comforting effect. For the ladies, Mermaid might be just the thing. A tall glass fiery-red strawberry soda topped with jelly, ice-cream and whipping cream, what more could you ask for?

All in all, Naili’s is a great place for dinner, supper or simply hanging out for a drink with pals. The ambience is very relaxing, with calming background music to enhance your dining experience, resort-style. Plus, the food here is definitely worth the search for the place and before you know it, you’ll be coming back again and again, like most of their customers.


Ubi Rebus RM 3.50
Cantonese Fried Ginger Kuay Teow RM 7.90
Naili’s Special Fried Rice RM 8.90

Rainbow Tree RM 8.90
Mermaid RM 7.90

6.00 pm to 3.30 am

116-C, Jln Taman Dato’ Senu,
Kampung Cempedak, Sentul Pasar,
51000 Sentul,
Kuala Lumpur

(Ampang Branch)
39, Jalan Memanda 9,
Ampang Point,
68000 Ampang

USJ Taipan Branch

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