Chinese New Year Greeting Cards

Friday, February 09, 2007

Chinese New Year is just 8 days away. In the past, we send new year cards to wish, Gong Xi Fa Cai. Nowadays, we used e-Greeting cards and SMS Greetings. Save $$$$ lor. Times are bad. Everyone is saying that the market is slow except the gaoment.

Like that the printers will suffer if we all send e-Greetings Cards instead of CNY Cards. Yes it will affect them but but using less paper, we are also help save the environment and reduce global warming which is causing all the natural disaster never seen before in the past. You must make sure it is CNY cards made from Recycle Paper if you still using the traditional way. Well the choice is still yours!

Wish my family, relatives, business associates, suppliers, customers friends, readers ,a Happy New Year of the Fire Pig. I am a Pig!. A Happy Pig! Not Fire Pig! Lol. So this year must be good!! Not necessary, got some conflicts according to the Fengshui Predictions. Need buy many FS cures.

Wishing All a Happy, Prosperous and Healthy Year of the Fire Pig.

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