Armed Robbery @ Subang Parade

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Robbers are becoming more daring and more dangerous this days as they carry firearms and open fire even in busy shopping centers. It is not safe to be around goldsmiths shops as the risk is very high during the coming festive seasons. Yesterday, three people were killed (2 security guards and 1 robber) during a robbery at Poh Kong Goldsmiths @ Subang Parade. Just few weeks ago when I was at Seri Kembangan, another robbery happened @ another goldsmith shop there.

You may have to consider wearing casual or civilianbullet proof clothings for your safety when shopping at goldsmith shops.
Three killed in armed robbery


SUBANG JAYA: Hundreds of shoppers ran for their lives when five robbers opened fire outside a goldsmith shop in the Subang Parade shopping complex here last night.

Three people – two security guards and a robber – were killed during the exchange of fire later inside the Poh Kong Goldsmith Shop on the ground floor. A third guard was seriously injured.

The complex was packed with weekend shoppers when the incident occurred at about 8.22pm. Police later found almost 50 spent bullets on the ground floor of the complex and outside.

One robber, believed to be a Thai national, was shot dead by a security guard of another goldsmith shop nearby. The remaining robbers escaped with 11 trays of jewellery.

Selangor CID chief Senior Asst Comm (II) Tajuddin Md Isa said the five robbers were wearing baseball caps and armed with automatic pistols and revolvers.

It is learnt the dead robber was heading towards the second goldsmith shop while his comrades were robbing the first one.

SAC Tajuddin said police recovered a revolver from the dead robber who was wearing several talisman.

The seriously injured guard had been warded at the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre.

The police, he said, would view the footage of the CCTV camera at the shop to obtain more information.

Police believe the robbers had accomplices waiting in several vehicles at various locations outside the complex.

These back-up groups had fired several shots in the air as the suspects were running towards the getaway vehicles to confuse the public and to create a commotion.

Police later found several slugs discharged from an M16 rifle across the road.

They also found shattered glass at a nearby restaurant and some bullets outside.

Student Gadafi Ahmad, 19, said he was making reservations at a restaurant when he heard shots being fired.

“I saw the men all dressed in black coming out of the shop. One of them was brandishing a silver pistol,” he said, adding that the men ran towards the road outside the complex.

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