Curry Laksa @ Ming Tien Food Court Taman Megah

Monday, February 05, 2007

Ming Tien Food Court at Taman Megah has a nice and comfy environment for dining. It also has six VIP rooms for those who seek privacy.

It is half-open and half sheltered. There are an estimated of about 60 food stalls here. Nobody has any excuse about not finding his own choice of food item.

More than 100 types of food -- local, fusion, western, etc.

All of the stalls were selected after the food has been tasted by the management.

This Curry Mee stall @ Ming Tien Food Court serve good Curry Mee and Ipoh Dry Curry Mee.
I have not yet tried their Ipoh Hor Fun. There are newspaper cuttings on review done by The Star and Oriental Post pasted on the stall.

For lunch today, I took Ricky to tried it. The Laksa come with generous amount of ingredient (Char Siew, Siew York and Chicken). The different between the wet and dry laksa is that the Dry one have more lemak.

Curry Mee @ RM3.50
Dry Curry Mee @ RM4.00
Fried Chicken with Special Sauce from another stall, Cha Cha Chicken

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