Jetstar Bowling Team "Sau Kong Jau"

Friday, February 16, 2007

Jetstar Bowling Team organised a Year End Closing or "Sau Kong Jau" dinner at The Golden Dragon City Seafood Restuarant @ Paramount Garden. All the team members were present and we had a good 8 course Set Dinner @ RM568.00++ and lot of funs and Yam Seng.

The Jetstar Bowling Team
Here are some pictures of the team enjoying themselves.Loh Sang.. Loh Hei..Chris the Hooker and Mantis the SpinnerOur ladies player Jas & Elayne with our Adviser, KennyYap & KevinJason Soo, our Bowling Team Captain. Drink until face turn red!!!
We drank 27 cans of can beers and stout (proudly sponsored by Mr Yap) which costs quite a bomb @ RM240.00 and some get high and one even vomited.

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