Restoron Foon Lock @ Bukit Tinggi Village

Sunday, February 18, 2007

During Chinese New Year Eve, we "Balik Kampung" - Go back hometown, Kuantan. We left Subang Jaya @ 11.30am and the traffic along Karak Highway was quite bad as it rain heavily when we reached city centre and all the way till Bukit Tinggi. Some impatience driver like this one captured on my cam using the emergency lanes.

Look at this Honda Accord cutting in from the emergency lane. Police should nab such kind of driver which contributed to the jam.

We reached Bukit Tinggi and exit to Selesa Hills to this little town for lunch. This place had quite a number of restaurants and many were closed. Since it is still raining, we decided to try out this one, Restoron Foon Lock which had a prominent signboard. The air here is very fresh, you can see the mist behind the restaurant.

The menu shown on the board. many choices!!

We ordered 3 dishes and the food was just average. This place served only fresh water fishes in different cooking styles. But the price is very reasonable as it costs only RM41.00. This would probably cost much more in KL or at GohTong Jaya.

Deep fried Fei Chow Fish
Plain fried Yau Mak
Minced Pork tau foo
During normal days weekends, this small town have many stalls selling fresh vegetables, fruits(Papaya, banana, Jambu etc) and local produce. One of them is ginger from Janda Baik which is of the best quality.

This papayas are very sweet which the restaurant serve as complimentary dessert.
Map to Selesa Hills and Bukit Tinggi Village is at the bottom of the map.

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