Special Year of 2007

Friday, February 16, 2007

For Buddhist, this year 2007 is a special year and bring much auspiciousness when Chinese New Year falls on the same date as Tibeten Losar(New Year). The karmic results multiplying days starts from the 1st day of Losar to the 15th day.

Losang Dragpa Center(LDC) will be organizing Guru Puja on the first day of New Year as it is usually conducted in the monastery. Incense Puja will be offered to all holy beings and local deities on the second day of New Year. Medicine Buddha Retreat for healing and purification starts from 26th Feb & complete on the Day of Miracles, 3rd March.

Welcome the lion dance to the center @ 3.30pm on 18th February.

For more information, visit LDC website @ http://www.fpmt-ldc.org

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