FengShuiQueen - Master Lynn Yap 12 PREDICTIONS FOR 2007:

Monday, February 05, 2007

Master Lynn Yap, Singapore Fengshui Queen "fengshui that works" has make the following predictions. As a subscriber of her Fengshui Destiny Group Mailing List, I received her predictions. Her predictions are very "Chun" - accurate.

1) There will be plenty of rainfall, floods, houses
will be destroyed. crops destroyed. prices of commodities will rise -
2) There will be new inventions in the water
industry –
3) Those in the “wood” business would make an
unusual amount of money this year, some might loose
money. overall, it is a “plus” for them
4) There would be fierce competition in the water
industries - some good things can happen and some bad
ones too including disasters related to
cubes/transportation/logistics etc
5) There will NOT be a substantial growth in the
stock market as compared to 2006 however some counters
can still have exponential growth -
6) There would be more people travelling –
7) Property prices will continue its upstream – it
is a good time to sell and wait then enter when the
prices are low
8) Persons born in the year of pig and snake would
most likely change job/change house/change car –
9) Disease/sickness/bird flu will be the “in thing”
for the whole year -
10) It is the right timing for companies to raise
funds. however there could be fraud/scandals happening

11) You will be able to pick coins/notes on the
floor – a lot of people are going to drop money
everywhere. we simply go and pick them
12) There will be more people telling lies and
fraud –



Intro: The year is not so favourable. You
could be quite busy over work and friends or family
but nothing concrete could come out of it. It is an
average year.
Money & Work: Because of the presence of negative
stars you are advised to be careful when handling
documents. Do not change job. Lie low is best and
watch what you speak at meetings. No lottery luck.
Health luck is generally ok however you are advised to
relax and not get yourself too stressed.
Love & family:
Married couples are advised to solve any differences.
If single, it is not easy to find your mr right this

2) DOG - AVERAGE year
Intro: Your fortune luck is average when it involves
career. Watch what you speak especially to your
bosses. Becareful of “tau hua” this year.
Money & Work:
here is wealth that could come in the form of a
promotion or lottery. However, you are advised to take
care not to loose money away to strangers or be
cheated. Becareful with money this year.
Health luck is not so good. Take care by sleeping
early and eating well.
Love & family:
If married, be tolerant.If single, this is not the
right time to find your mr right. Allow things to
happen naturally.

3) PIG - AVERAGE year
Intro: There could be work obstructions at the work
place. Do not loose your temper if not the luck could
be worse. Keep a low profile and use your
intelligence to solve all problems.
Money & Work:
Your luck cycles will tend to fluctuate. sometimes
good, sometimes not so good. Do not enter into any
risky investments. Some lottery luck though.
You are advised to take good care of your health and
if you have to drive, be careful. Do not drive too
fast. Exercise to keep sickness away. You would have
to bleed a little blood then all would be ok. Do not
attend funerals, weddings, hospitals or celebrations.
Love & family:
Control your temper and stablize your moods. Be
tolerant to all family members and friends. If single,
you can find your mr right this year.

4) RAT - AVERAGE year
Intro: There are some lucky stars in the year to bring
in some good fortune however, the pig year is very
close to your own year of the rat, 2008 therefore you
are advised to take precautions.
Money & Work:
There could be a promotion in sight and with some
wealth and windfall coming. It could be a year of fame
and profitability if you know how to grab the
Your health will be good. Avoid visiting the hospital
Love & family:
If single, you will have the chance to meet your mr
right. If married, stay faithful.

5) OX - AVERAGE year
Intro: There are more unfavourable stars than the
favourable ones. There is a possibility of an overseas
assignment. Go for it.
Money & Work:
Becareful of gossips. One ear in, one ear out and you
will be alright. Don’t take what you hear to heart.
Sometimes people just want to make you upset. So don’t
fall into their trap. Be smart. Ox people usually make
the most wealth overseas. Lottery luck is slim, a bit
Your health luck is good. Stay healthy.
Love & family:
Ox persons tend to be moody over small matters
Married couples beware of outside party. Learn to be
Singles, have fun.

Intro: You will be very busy this year and may have to
attend to every problem yourself. You will meet with a
noble person (helpful person) to help you.
Money & Work:
This is a favourable year for career for the tiger.
Many wonderful things would happen to make it most
memorable. There will also be tremendous income that
could come in. However, do not go for fast money
You will have a moderate health luck. Do not go to
dark places if not it can change your fortune
Love & family:
Tiger person is a very passionate person and if in
love, it is the right time to get married.
If single, you will have the chance to meet him when
travelling (water).

Intro: This is a year where your luck can go up and
down. Use your intelligence to handle all problems and
to uncover the hidden dangers.
Money & Work:
There is no lottery luck but you will still have a
steady income from career. Because your wealth luck
will fluctuate so you are advised to becareful in your
investments. Do not act as a guarantor or even borrow
There is no major health problem. Becareful of driving
this year, if you have to drive, drive carefully or
even when you are walking along the road.
Love & family:
Married couples could take a vacation together. It is
good for relationships. If single, you may have that
opportunity to meet someone special.

8) DRAGON - GOOD year
Intro: Career luck is very good. It is going to be a
fantastic year with the help also from noble people
(helpful people) and with them around you can expand
your business overseas.
Money & Work:
There are plenty of wealth and windfall from all over
the place and including from investments. However you
will have to take note of business traps and sexual
traps. Do not get too carried away.
You will be in good health.
Love & family:
Family life is blissful and in harmony. If married
becareful of unwanted romance – “tau hau”. If single,
you have many to choose from.

Intro: Because you are in conflict with the pig year,
so this is going to be a tough year. Everything you do
will not be smooth.
Use your intelligence to handle all problems. Be
careful when it comes to money.
Money & Work:
You are advised to be careful of your finances as
money could be tight. Plan your money matters
properly. Becareful that you might loose a big sum of
Your health is generally good and you are advised to :
at least shed a little blood this year. If you have to
drive, be careful on the road.
Love & family:
There is love and romance in the air - good if you are
single. If married…just be careful as you are in a
“tau hau” (romance) period.

10) HORSE - GOOD year
Intro: There are lucky stars which will make this year
memorable and good. However, you are advised to read
through documents carefully to avoid any lawsuits
Money & Work:
Both career money and windfall are good all year
round. You may wish to go for investments such as
buying a property. It is the right timing for you.
Health is quite good. Do exercise and eat moderately.
Love & family:
Married couples should go for a vacation together.
Becareful of unwanted romance. If single and young,
then spend more time on studies first.

11) GOAT – AVERAGE year
Intro: The year do not promise to be rosy. So pay
attention to those related to expanding businesses
overseas. There could be unwanted gossips at the work place.
Money & Work:
You will have exceptional good luck in money.
However becareful of the 9th lunar month where some
money might be lost.
Your health is good.
Love & family:
Married couples should be more tolerant of each other
Singles might have difficulty maintaining current
relationship. Work hard at it and all will be well.

12) MONKEY - GOOD year
Intro: It is going to be a good year for you.
The lucky stars will bring you good luck and smooth
sailing in everything that you do.
Money & Work:
You will have both heaven’s luck and career money.
Handle your money wisely and do some donation if you
Health is generally good.
Love & family:
Married couples becareful of a person who might spread
rumours about your spouse. Do not listen to anybody
when it comes to relationship. Learn to trust your
spouse. If single, it is not the right time for you to
meet someone.

How to have better wealth ?
1) The windfall/study is in the West –
2) The career money is in the South West –
3) The travelling is in the South East -
4) The 5 yellow is in the North East –
5) The tai sui is in the North West –
6) The sickness is in the Centre –
7) The romance is in the North –
8) The noble man is in the East –
9) The troublesome is in the South –

FSQ NOTE: If your main door is facing west,
you will have windfall and children will do well in
their studies. this is how you should read this chart.


fengshuiQueen tip for 2007:

"Carry S$500 cash in the zip pouch of your bag so that with more
money, you will be able to "attract" more money to come to you"


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