Farmland Porridge & Steamboat @ SS 18 Subang Jaya (CLOSED)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Jean has blogged about this Farmland restaurant which is nearby my house last month. I have been passing by this restaurant everyday and read many good reviews about it but I have not been there before. Most of times this place is quite full at night and they are open for lunch effective from 6/6/2007. Not many people are aware of it.

Today, my friend invited me for lunch and asked me to recommend a new place to eat. Since I have not been to Farmland, I suggested this place and check it out. Parking is not a big problem.

During lunch, the airconditioned section is open for business and the outside open air is closed. The thumb up dishes on their are their recommended must try dishes. We ordered the steamboat set for 3 persons (RM13.50/pax) as shown below:And the we tried the porridge and tom yam soup based. After trying both, I would just go for the porridge next time as if you mix the tom yam and the porridge, the taste of porridge is overtaken by the strong herbal tomyam soup.This is the Deep Fried Bean Sauce Pork (RM12.00)that is recommended on their menu. It is just so so only. Another recommended on the dish on their menu, the wine chicken(RM20.00) which is not bad, I have eaten this dish since young as I am from a Cantonese/Hakka family so our home cook style taste better.

The total bill for our lunch came up to RM99.90 for four pax. RM25.00/head for lunch is expensive lor. I am supposed to be on diet, look like I overeat and go to cut down for the next few days or more walking at the the golf course.

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