Durian Season is On

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It is durian season now as I can see those durian stalls start sprouting up at the regular roadside spot . Being a durian lover but I have stop eating it for the last few years. Today, I went to a stall at SS2, PJ to eat durian with my friend.
Dont play play, they got website too. Click www.durianSS2.com.

Durian - King of Fruits is an exotic spiky fruit that stirs passions.

You Either Love It or Hate It

This one is Raja Kunyit.
And this D101

My friends seems to be enjoying it!!! Look at their satisfied expressions.
Wow !!two persons eat so many.What about myself.? I eat also lah. How to resist? The last time I eat durian probably 1-2 years ago.

When there is King of Fruit, you will also find the Queen of Fruit, The mangosteens .

Maybe you would be interested in knowing what the famous 19th century naturalist, Alfred Russell Wallace, had to say after he ate his first durian in Borneo"A rich, butter-like custard highly flavored with almonds, but intermingled with wafts of flavor that call to mind cream cheese, onion sauce, brown sherry and other incongruities. The more you eat of it, the less you feel inclined to stop." and "the taste of durian is worth the travel to Far East".

There is a saying in Singapore during durian-picking season: "When the durians come down, the sarongs go up." That disgusting and lovable fruit, which stirs up strong passions, is reputedly an aphrodisiac too. More the reason to like it!

Some describe it as overripe cheese, rotten fish or onions, unwashed socks etc.

Do you know how to descride the taste of durians to foreigner especially Mat Salleh? One of my old friend and customer said "It is like eating Häagen-Dazs ice cream inside a toilet".

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