Be Yourself and stay humble in any situation

Monday, July 02, 2007

I was reading the Star Paper this am and this article(see below, please click to read the full article) The CEO Interview with the Allianz/Malaysia CEO Mr Alexander Ankel really caught my attention. I like his philosophy of life and formula for success. Being humble is easy said than done. When one get the power, they become very egoistic and arrogant.

But Mr Ankel has achieve success at age 42 being himself and stay humble.

And the winner of the Buick Open 2007 Brian Bateman is also a very humble man.

After the win at Buick Open, this is how he commented when he was interviewed.

He said :
"It's a life-changing week. Life-changing putt, but like I told someone outside, my wife and I are pretty simple people and I doubt this is going to change us much,"

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