Bad Weather spoilt my Golf Weekend

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I am supposed to have a golf game at 1.15pm at Saujana GCC with some club members but bad weather caused havoc to our plan.

When I leaved my house at 12.30pm, the weather was still good but the sky was full of rain clouds. On the way to Saujana, it start to drizzle and it get heavier on the way there. I called my friend and one of them is already there at the reception and he said we wait and see. I parked my car and got to the clubhouse to wait for the rain to stop. My two other friends arrived a short while later. You observe Golfer are always on time whether rain or shine. We signed in and put our golf bags on the buggy while waiting.

The rains stopped around 1.30pm and the siren went off signalling that we can get to the course to play. We proceed to Hole No. 10 Bungaraya Course to tee off. Just we are about to finished Hole No. 11, the rain started to fall again accompanied by thunder and the siren went signalling that we stop play. We finished our putting and got back to the clubhouse to wait again.

We agreed that we wait for another 30minutes and if it still raining, we called off the game.

In the end, we called off the game and got rain check for 9-holes. What a frustrating afternoon after just two holes and we just getting warm up for good round of golf.

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