Toll Hikes & Protest

Monday, January 15, 2007

KL - The City of Tolls. This graphics taken from malaysiakini showed how much the tolls have gone up with the recent hike. Personally, I feel the increase is exorbitant and the promise by the government not to burden the people is not fulfilled.

Protes - a coalition of opposition parties, civil society groups, trade unions and student groups have staged to demonstrations at Sunway and Gombak the last 2 weeks.

During peak hours, the highways especially at toll plaza are always congested.

It is ridiculous that motorists, after paying high toll rates at the toll plaza, should have to “Touch n Wait” instead of “Touch n Go”.

With the ever increasing in numbers of vehicles, we can expect the situation to be even worst in the future even though you pay tolls.

In US, you do not need to pay tolls for the main expressway and to encourage car pooling, a designated lane is provided for those who have 2 person and above.

We want to be a developed country by 2020 ????? Are we heading there????

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