MAS Travel Fair & AirAsia Craziest Sale

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Travel Sale that everyone is waiting for! Click Click Click and you will be very lucky if you get the cheapest fare as advertise.

No wonder Air Asia called it craziest Sale. I tried booking the free seats for KUL/BKK on Air Asia during the last 1,000,000 free ticket promotion but can only get1 free 2 way ticket, 2 one-way free and 1 two-way got to pay.

It is a sales gimmick, if you key in 2 pax or more you wont get free ticket. You will only get free return ticket if you key 1 pax and when you key in the next pax, the free ticket both way is no longer available and only 1 way free is available or sometime 1 way free also not available.
It is also crazy as it take very long to process 1 ticket and it took me 2 hours to booked 3 tickets!

For MAS I tried booking some destinations (BKK, XMN, Hanoi), the fare are much more than the advertise lowest fare. It look like another sales gimmick. The lowest fare is probably only for a limited few and after that the fares are just market price. But the online booking processing time for MAS is quite fast. Maybe because it is 1 am, tomorrow when everyone is clicking to book their tickets, the processing could be much slower.
Please also note that a lot of conditions are imposed and you have to pay penalty for any changes to the book flights later.

GOOD LUCK if you are booking online.

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