Recycling Program

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Buddhist Tzu-Chi Merit Society will be collecting items that can be recycle on every 3rd calendar Sunday at SS 15 Subang Jaya between 8-11am. If you have any old items and want to throw away, you may want to bring to this collection center.

Why Should I Recycle?

Most of the things we use can be recycled into something new and it couldn’t be easier to do…

Why throw it all away?

The transformation that takes place when you recycle is quite amazing. For example

  • in just seven days, your paper could come back as another newspaper
  • in just six weeks your metal can could be recycled and used as part of a fridge, a car, a plane… or simply another metal can!
  • your glass bottles could be recycled into house insulation, and

    A young man puts a bottle in a bottle bank with cars and tower blocks in the background ©

  • plastic bottles could be made into a cosy fleece jacket!

Most gets dumped in landfill sites - but a lot could be recycled.

And when the possibilities really are endless why throw it all away?!

And you know what, this blog page is also 100% recycled electric pulses.

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