Beggar's Chicken @ Bukit Jugra, Banting

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Not many places you can find Beggars Chicken, this one in Banting is very popular and the last time I have been there probably 1 or 2 years ago. If you are planning to eat there, it is better you have a group so that you can order more type of dishes. I went there a group of 10 with my friend family. You must book in advance otherwise it is a waste of time you drive there without booking as they prepare based on the booking.

The other Beggar Chicken that I have tried is located along Jalan Ulu Klang.

CHUAH KOK KHENG’S father started this restaurant in 1973 and it was beyond his wildest imagination that, some 30 over years later, buses carrying foodies will converge at his remote outlet in Banting. The place is so well-known most Banting folk can point you to it once you ask. Kok Kheng runs the restaurant today with the help of his wife. He prepares the charcoal fire a day before baking. And it takes about four hours to cook the meat that is wrapped with waterproof wax paper and covered with clay. The food is tasty and it is worth the effort to drive there on a weekend to eat and see how things are done.

Opposite the restaurant is a Chinese Temple.

NB: Please make sure you call a day before to place your orders.


§ Beggar’s chicken

§ Beggar’s duck

§ Beggar’s pig leg

§ Beggar’s pig stomach

§ Beggar’s mutton

§ Traditional rice

§ Traditional fish

§ Longevity soup

§ Pig stomach soup

§ Seafood dishes

Address: Bukit Jugra (Permatang Pasir), 42700 Banting, Selangor

Tel: 03 3120 2515

Business hours: 1pm to 8pm

Close: Twice a month (Monday or Tuesday)

Payment: Cash

Type of food: Chinese

Category: Non-halal

Budget: RM10 to RM40

Baby chair: Yes

Parking: Ample

Noise level: 4 (noisy)

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