One of Those Days that Everything Not Right

Friday, January 19, 2007

Yesterday, my Honda CRV battery kaput and I bought one from Tyrezone at Taman Megah as I was having dinner at Fatty Crab. As there are different type of battery (Dry or Wet) and (Small or Big Terminal). Normally it is Big terminal and the tyre shop was quite sure that it is big terminal so I bought the Dry AC Delco Maintenance Free battery @ RM185.00. Upon reaching home at night and after opening the bonnet it is small terminal. Shit! I bought the wrong battery. Late morning, Ricky sent me(My car windscreen broke) to the shop to exchange for a small terminal type. But due no stock of the small terminal, we waited for almost an hour for them to take it from another shop at Damansara.

This morning on the way to work at around 9am, I took a different to office taking the u turn and passed SS 13 industrial estate. While passing SS 13/6 in front of RT Express Sdn Bhd, there was a Bangla grass cutter doing his round and suddenly a stone flew from his direction and hit my driver side glass. I heard a long sound like a gunshot and my glass cracked.

This is the spot along SS 13/6 that the incident happened.
This is the Bangla hired by MPSJ ot its contractor that caused me the problem. When I approached him later , he said he got paid only RM25.00 a day. How to pay me.??? I asked who is his boss , he said bring my car and let him see and he can hardly speak BM . So I give up talking to him.Below the the extend of the damage. Luckily I got take windscreen insurance with limit up to RM600.00. According to my car repair workshop, Victory Auto Repair @ Tmn Perindustrian USJ, the windscreen costs RM390.00 and V-kool tinting another RM500.00 - Total RM890.00. look like it exceed my insurance limit! I made a Police report @ SS 17 Police station and intend to claim MPSJ for their negligence. These are one of those days that you happened to be at the wrong spot at the wrong time or it is fated to happened.

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