Foong Foong Yong Tau Foo (釀豆腐) @ Ampang KL

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

We went to check out the HSL Massive Chinese New Year warehouse clearance sale at Pandan Indah. It is lunch time after finished shopping and we decided to head to Ampang Famous (The Original) Yong Tau Foo . With our expert navigator, Kevin, we arrived there without any problem and got a nice parking lot just in front of the restaurant.

Mention Ampang, Kuala Lumpur and the locals will inevitably ask if you have tried the Hakka yong taufu (assorted vegetables and bean curd stuffed with fish paste).

This restaurant is very popular with the locals and visitors from as far as Singapore. This restaurant was even voted for having the best yong taufu. During lunchtime, particularly on the weekends, it is always crowded and be prepared to wait.

This restaurant is mainly self-service. Patrons need to scout for their own table before heading for the counter to place their orders. There is hardly any menu. The easy and quickest way is to ask for a mix selection.

The Hakka yong taufu differs from those from other dialect groups in that high-quality, dried, salted fish bits are added to the fish paste. The dish is best eaten dipped with sweet or chili sauce (all homemade of course).

The Yong Tau Foo is priced @ RM0.70/pc. We ordered 40+ pcs and 6 herbal tea and the bill with GST came up to RM39.40.

This restaurant is closed on Tuesday.


Kevin trying out his luck scratching the Jackpot Lotteries while waiting for the food. He could be the next multi-miilionare if he strike the coming RM12m Jackpot Draw on 12 Feb 2007.A mix selection of Yong Tau Foo

The sauce is very good.
And the Deep Fried Stuffs ( Sui Kow, Foo Pei and Tau Pok)Getting ready to enjoy the delicious Yong Tau Foo......

Wah, Eat until the lip also like got put lipsticks!!!!

Ricky said we need order more????

And me no time to talk. Eat more when you talk less!!!!Kevin still thinking of work when eating!!!!!!!!!!!!

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