Coca-Cola BlaK

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Inspire your Mind. Refresh your Mind. This is the Tagline of the Coca-Cola Blak.

Introducing Coca Cola Blak, a premium carbonated drink that fuses Coke effervescence and coffee essence. Every sip is an enliven senses and welcome new possibilities.

This product is currently available in US and Europe.

Coke BlaK Tasting Notes

Mahogany autumn-brown hue

Slight sparkling sweet ginger effervescence gives way to a medley of hazelnut, roasty, and woodsy notes. A subtle coffee aroma is present but overshadowed by other aromas.

Initial sip reveals a generic cola-like flatness leading to coffee infused velvety caramel cola flavors. A rounded sweetness with tartness on the sides of the tongue is prevalent but the mouthfeel lacks substance. The finish is tame and heavily tarnished by the artificial aspartame sweetness.

Wait for the launch in Malaysia or if you are in US or France - Check it out!

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