2007 Waja and Savvy launched

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Proton launches new versions of best-selling models

High-line Savvy, finished in Energy Orange.
Proton has unveiled its new Savvy and 2007 Waja models, available for booking as of today at your nearest Proton Edar and EON showrooms. Both facelifted designs come with significant enhancements, shape and feature-wise.

See, it's flat now ...
The Savvy is now available in two variants, these being the Medium-line and High-line models. Price consideration usually plays a significant part in any purchase, and having two variants offers consumers a choice when making a purchase decision.

There are a few minor revisions to the externals - there's a spoiler, though the most obvious is the lower end of the tailgate, which is now flat, having lost the inverted v-shaped point that sat prominently in the middle. The front radiator grille has similarly been cleaned up in the same manner, and the grille is now finished in a honeycomb pattern.

Front v-shaped point's gone too. And in comes the honeycomb pattern.
Cosmetic changes also include alloy wheels, 14-inch units for the midline model, and 15-inch ones for the High-line version, as well as higher quality fabric for the seats.

The most significant inclusions, however, are safety-related - the Savvy High-line now comes with ABS, driver and front passenger airbags and front seatbelt pre-tensioners as standard fitment.

Sleeker, isn't it? The new face makes lines much cleaner from front three-quarter view.
The Savvy Medium-line variant is available in five-speed manual and AMT versions, at RM40,240 and RM43,182 respectively. The High-line version, available only with AMT transmission, goes for RM45,841.

It's what you call a facelift, quite literally.
As for the 2007 Waja Campro, it gets an all-new front end as well as a reupholstered, more refined interior. Altogether, there are more than 14 new features in the new Waja, which is of course by the Campro 1.6-litre block.

The newly-designed front end has been given a comprehensive makeover - new front bumper, grille, turn signal lamps and fog lights, as well as new bonnet and a liberal amount of garnish. You can't miss it, really; it does look significantly cleaner, sleeker even, though if you're not into chrome in a big way, it might all be a bit dazzling to your eyes.

New steering trim - spot it?
There are new colours as well, five of them to be exact - metallic across the board, they are twilight blue, iridescent white, grey, brilliant red and burgundy.

For the interior, the general layout remains unchanged, but the leather used for the seats has a new texture, and the upholstery trim is now a two-tone black and light brown. Oh, and the steering wheel trim is different - see if you can spot it the next time you come across one. In keeping things safe, dual airbags and ABS now come as standard.

Pricing for the manual transmission Waja is RM59,388, while the automatic version goes for RM62,888.

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