Sexist Poster @ Seputeh

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Election Fever!!!

With the general election just 3 days away, the campaigning has become more intense and one even more creative @ Seputeh, KL. MCA has put up this cartoons posters which portray DAP candidate as a loose woman. This lead to complaint by the DAP Candidate to the Election Commission.

This poster showed Theresa Kok of DAP leaving Mr Kinrara rocketing towards Mr. Seputeh.
The billboard shows (a sexy woman in red) clad in a skimpy red dress and matching stiletto heels,hugging Mr Kinrara after dumping my old lover Mr Seputeh. with a message “Once and for all, we will never abandon you, please vote BN.”
Do you consider this sexist and ungentlewoman's fight for the Seputeh Constituency.?

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