PKR's Manifesto for General Election 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

With the BN and DAP already launched their manifesto for the coming general elections, Opposition PKR today unveiled its election manifesto for the 12th general election with the slogan a 'new dawn for Malaysia' promising a constitutional state, vibrant economy, safer streets, affordable livelihood and better education for all.

The 20-page manifesto makes five promises if elected into power. They would:
  • make Malaysia a truly constitutional state for all but ensuring the rule of law and an independent judiciary as well as guarantee basic human rights and reject all forms of racially divisive politics.
  • create a vibrant economy by replacing discriminative polices that only enrich the elites with a policy that ensures assistance to the poor regardless of race by eliminating corruption and wastage.
  • make the streets and neighbourhoods of Malaysia safer by quelling the endemic mismanagement of the police force for political ends, internal division and tolerance of a culture of corruption that has crippled the police.
  • make Malaysia more affordable by lowering the price of petrol in line with higher Petronas profits and using profits to regulate the prices of basic goods and to prevent tolls and tariffs from being exploited in enriching conglomerates.
  • increase the standards of Malaysian education by allowing institutions of learning to freely engage the best practices that raise the standard of education, pay educators the salaries their profession deserves, and enable universal access to scholarships and higher quality education for all.
All the parties are making lots of promises during election time but will there be able to deliver is of utmost importance to the people of Malaysia.

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