Christian " Lo Hei "

Monday, February 04, 2008

I got this from an email. This is how to do "Lo Hei" the Christian way when you eat Yee Sang during this Chinese New Year.

Ingredients for a Christian " Lo Hei "
to the theme of " Praise the Lord "

Red envelope which contains pepper
" Praise the Lord, for peppering us with your loving kindness "

Green envelope which contains five-spice powder

" Praise the Lord, for accepting our labor as a fragrant offering to His plan "


" Praise the Lord, for the grace of God to be fishers of men "


" Praise the Lord, for the oil that keeps us burning in this fight of faith "


" Praise the Lord, for anointing us with the oil of joy " ( Psalm 45:7 )

Plum Sauce

" Praise the Lord, for the sweetness of your Words ……

sweeter than honey to my mouth " ( Ps 119:103 )


Praise the Lord, for the street of pure gold
that you have prepared for us to live in eternity." ( Rev 21:21 )

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